"The natural family is society's most important and vital institution."

This site is designed to provide information on our goals, projects and support for the institution of the natural family.



- Australian Christians
- Culture Watch
- Dalgarno Institute
- Democratic Labor Party
- Drug Advisory Council
- Endeavour Forum Inc
- Family Federation
- Family Voice Australia
- Focus on the Family

- Human Life International
- Knights of the Southern Cross Vic
- Memucan Institute
- Presbyterian Church of Victoria
- Religious Liberty Monitoring
- Rise Up Australia Party
- Salt Shakers Inc
- WCTU Drugfree Lifestyles



The articles and research on this site are contributions from members of the Family Council of Victoria and affiliate pro-family, pro-life organisations.


We hope they will be a valuable source of information for understanding the issues affecting the natural family and the broader community.





Latest News

SA Euthanasia Bill DEFEATED
17 Nov 2016 SA Euthanasia Bill DEFEATED

Great news! The South Australian parliament has narrowly defeated a Bill aimed at legalising euthan [ ... ]

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Progressively Regressive Sexuality
10 Oct 2016

Advocates of the continually changing morality we see all around us often claim to be 'progressive'. [ ... ]

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Drugs - 'Changing the narrative'
28 Apr 2016

How do we speak about the issues we deal with? Often the debate is led by those pushing for change. [ ... ]

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Exposure of 'Safe Schools' and the Year 7 'All of Us' curriculum
08 Mar 2016

In recent weeks, there has been a huge focus on the Safe Schools Coalition Australia and the 'resour [ ... ]

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Marriage Statement - Family Council of Victoria
08 Mar 2016

Marriage Statement - Family Council of Victoria 8 March 2016 At recent meetings the Family Council [ ... ]

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