"The natural family is society's most important and vital institution."

This site is designed to provide information on our goals, projects and support for the institution of the natural family.



- Australian Christians
- Culture Watch
- Dalgarno Institute
- Democratic Labor Party
- Drug Advisory Council
- Endeavour Forum Inc
- Family Federation
- Family Voice Australia
- Focus on the Family

- Human Life International
- Knights of the Southern Cross Vic
- Memucan Institute
- Presbyterian Church of Victoria
- Religious Liberty Monitoring
- Rise Up Australia Party
- Salt Shakers Inc
- WCTU Drugfree Lifestyles



The articles and research on this site are contributions from members of the Family Council of Victoria and affiliate pro-family, pro-life organisations.


We hope they will be a valuable source of information for understanding the issues affecting the natural family and the broader community.





Latest News

Drugs - 'Changing the narrative'
28 Apr 2016

How do we speak about the issues we deal with? Often the debate is led by those pushing for change. [ ... ]

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Exposure of 'Safe Schools' and the Year 7 'All of Us' curriculum
08 Mar 2016

In recent weeks, there has been a huge focus on the Safe Schools Coalition Australia and the 'resour [ ... ]

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Marriage Statement - Family Council of Victoria
08 Mar 2016

Marriage Statement - Family Council of Victoria 8 March 2016 At recent meetings the Family Council [ ... ]

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Update on marriage
24 Aug 2015

After returning from the parliamentary winter break, the federal Coalition met to discuss their posi [ ... ]

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News - Marriage & Euthanasia
01 May 2015

In the news.... Homosexual 'marriage' Homosexual ‘marriage’ continues to be a big iss [ ... ]

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