"Male and female homosexuals should not be allowed to marry because -

  • Most nations acknowledge that marriage is a relationship which provides dignity, purity and sanctity

  • Marriage is an exclusive heterosexual activity and can never apply to any other relationship

  • Marriage is a legally protected relationship and is the most highly preferred relationship in law

  • The union of two consenting adults of different genders is unique with unlimited value to society

  • The relationship between two persons of the same sex is fundamentally different than the heterosexual relationship in marriage

  • Marriage is a public status and has been reserved exclusively for special covenant heterosexual unions because they are uniquely beneficial to society.

  • Committed marriage benefits both society and individuals by :-
    Heterosexual behavior is uniquely moral, dignified, decent and pure
    Sexual intimacy for adults that is safe
    Procreation of children in love and family security
    Enhanced childrearing with both male and female role models
    Improved status of women through security
    Improved status of men through morality
    A contract between equals
    Strength and security of family, is not isolated individuals
    Family integrity underpinning of society
    Enhanced civic virtue
    Enhanced public morality
    Government efficiency and economies through functioning families
    International acceptance of laws and martial status
    Superior health outcomes for spouses and children
    A seed ground for democracy and self government
    Enhanced intergenerational transmission of knowledge and skills

  • Marriage is preferred because society accepts heterosexual behavior is preferred over homosexual (or other) behavior

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