It looks like the debate on access to IVF will just not go away. With the Catholic Bishops and feminists engaged in the most recent round of hostilities, the IVF issue continues to raise important questions. Such questions deserve proper debate. As such, it is important to weed through the many claims being made. Too often ideology takes precedence over evidence in this debate. Indeed, a number of myths have been circulating which deserve to be put to rest.

by Charles Francis - Herald Sun, 24 July 2006

Having acted for women damaged by abortion, I have learned it is always very bad advice to refer any woman for an abortion because there are so many medical risks.

Yet Senator Natasha Stott Despoja complained on these pages last week that some pregnancy counselling services do not refer women for abortions, and that they tell women of their increased risk of breast cancer, infertility and psychological trauma after abortion.

The link between induced abortion and breast cancer is substantial.

  • Professor Burton of the Anti Cancer Council of Victoria has disclosed "...it is of interest that it (abortion) did show an increased risk of breast cancer associated with a second trimester abortion..."

    "Male and female homosexuals should not be allowed to marry because -

  • Most nations acknowledge that marriage is a relationship which provides dignity, purity and sanctity

  • The Victorian government is drafting legislation to outlaw vilification of homosexuals. Presently the details are not known, however, there is already legislation in N.S.W. and Tasmania that can give us a guide as to what might eventuate.

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