The push by the Labor Government to soften Victorians up to a permissive policy on drugs has gone quiet lately (except for a major blunder by the Consumer Affairs Minister more on that in a moment). But that is to be expected - we are in election mode.

So instead we are getting various election sweeteners, eg. more money on this, more money on that. But voters can rest assured that if Labor is returned to office, the same harm minimisation policy will be promoted.

Australia is in the middle of a heroin epidemic. One response to this problem has been the proposal of some communities to establish heroin injecting rooms. It is claimed this will help heroin reduce the number of overdose deaths and get users off the streets. Premier-elect Dr Gallop has already said he is interested in exploring the idea.

However, those lobbying the hardest for injecting room are often skilled in the use of misleading information and deceptive arguments. The truth is, there is no real solid evidence for any of their claims.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released a set of figures which should frighten all of us. The figures, based on recent trends, suggest that more than one in four girls are likely to go through life childless. It estimates that 28 per cent of women will forgo having children unless present trends are reversed.

An Open Letter to Australia’s Federal, State & Territory Governments

Our community must determine appropriate standards for medical research involving human subjects. We ask our political leaders to have regard for the sacredness of all human beings, of whatever level of maturity, dependency or ability. We ask them to support adult stem cell research and to reject a policy of destroying some to treat others.

The Victorian Government has declared that it will set up "tolerant zones" for street prostitution in the Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda. The red light district will allow clients to take street workers to taxpayer-funded brothels. Public money will be used to establish the sex worker centres.

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