In the culture wars, fair fights are hard to come by. Sometimes the odds are so stacked against you, that you hardly feel like wading into a fight. Often those promoting all the wrong causes are entrenched in public service bunkers, with heaps of public funding, enjoying the support of the media, the education system and so on.

The following is an article published in the Newsweekly magazine.

Doctors complaints about rising costs of insurance are news at the moment. While one has sympathy for an obstetrician who is sued when a baby is unexpectedly disabled, there is another area of the specialty which deserves no sympathy: the abortion industry. The medical profession and particularly Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists is culpable for not policing this industry to ensure that proper standards are maintained. Contrast between care given to patients with other surgery compared to lack of care given to women presenting for abortion is stark.

By Michael Treacy (Article printed in the Kaselehlie Press, Micronesia, 27th Sept 2006)


In reply to all my dear friends who are concerned about my verifiable views about the frenzied proliferation of condoms in societies around the world, I would like to explain my concerns. Firstly, it is funny that the U.N. and all its down-line organizations, along with Gay and Lesbian groups agree that condoms hold the key to the World’s Sexual problems.1 ,2

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