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27 October 2008
An open letter to all members of the Victorian Upper House

The Family Council of Victoria is deeply concerned about the imminent creation of another stolen generation.

We as a nation have agonised over the past removal of aboriginal children from their biological parents and the unwilling removal of babies from their unmarried mothers at birth. Thankfully both have stopped except in instances of severe abuse.

The Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill will encourage this same disconnect from biological parents that we have condemned in the past, for different reasons, yes, but ones that are just as bad if not even worse than any reasons given in the past.

Be assured this Bill will create yet another stolen generation. A generation of children deprived of the right to be raised from birth by their genetic parents. Removing the biological parent/s, the child’s mum and/or dad, from the child’s birth certificate is totally unacceptable.

This ought to create extreme concern for the Victorian government but they seem impervious to the rights of the child and only concerned about some mythical ‘right’ that every adult has the right to ‘own’ a child’.

This Bill should not be about adults, it IS about children and natural families - the right of every child to be born into its natural family.

It is one thing to say that some children, although it is a very small minority, do not get to know their biological parents through various unfortunate circumstances. It is a very different issue to deliberately bring a child into the world knowing that it will never know, or perhaps at best not know for 18 years, who its biological parent or parents are. This is unconscionable.

The simple fact that science can achieve something does not mean we have to allow it to happen.

This is not discrimination it common sense. Single women, lesbians and homosexual men can all have children through the natural process. Nobody is telling anyone they cannot have children, simply that there is a right and a wrong way of doing so.

It is not the place of government to be facilitating the unnatural creation of children by legislating in this way.

We call on you to protect the rights of all children and to stop another stolen generation.

We call on you to vote against the Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill.

Peter Stokes
Vice President
Family Council of Victoria
0413 084 145 or 03 9800 2855
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(PDF of this media release attached)

Media Release - 13 October 2008

An open letter to all Victorian MPs

The Family Council of Victoria is appalled that the Victorian government has passed the Abortion Law Reform Bill, effectively legalising abortion up to full term,

The indiscriminate taking of innocent human life should be abhorrent to any civilized society.

So what does the passing of this Bill say about our values and our society? It tells society that it is now acceptable to kill the unborn for ANY reason.

We thank those MPs in both Houses of Parliament who tried very hard to stop this travesty happening by voting against this Bill.

Media Release

Dr Joe Santamaria retires as President of the Family Council of Victoria.

The Family Council of Victoria (FCV) was the brainchild of Dr Joe Santamaria some 14 years ago and since its inception 'Dr Joe', as he is affectionately known, has been its President.
The Family Council of Victoria was established to promote and encourage support for marriage and the natural Family.
It has consistently lobbied the Victorian and Federal governments on marriage and family issues and co-ordinated a number of very successful pro-family conferences.
It is a broad based family-values think tank. It has brought together representatives of many diverse pro-family groups.
On 5 August 2008 Dr Joe, retired as FCV President, he will be sorely missed.
"His leadership, his tireless energy and his faithful work to preserve traditional marriage and the natural family will not be forgotten. His are indeed big shoes for anyone to try to fill," said Peter Stokes, co-founder and CEO of Christian Group Salt Shakers, who was elected as the new President of the FCV.
On behalf of the member organisations of the Family Council and all the people of Victoria who support the preservation of marriage exclusively between a man and a woman, and the natural family as dad, mum and the children, we wish to thank Dr Joe for his service to the community in this organisation and in many other areas of family life in Victoria.

For further comment or an interview on this Media Release or any issues relating to family matters, please contact: Peter Stokes - 0413 084 145 or 03 9800 2855
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Secretary: Bill Muehlenberg - 0438 056 089
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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