Chaplaincy prospers

$243.8 million will be allocated to the National School Chaplaincy Program by the federal government over the next four years. Australian schools can apply for $20,000 grants from the government to hire a school chaplain or raise extra funds so their chaplains can work more than two days per week (ACL 22/5/14).


Major parties agree to fail kids

If elected, Victorian Labor would support same-sex adoption. Now Premier Denis Napthine has said he is not opposed to gay adoption but is waiting to hear the ‘proper science’ ( 26/5/14). The Premier shouldn’t need to study science to know every child needs a mum and a dad.


Life story

Please watch A Story About Life explain Victoria’s awful abortion laws. It’s well worth the 12 minutes to remind us of the inhumanity and violence towards our most helpless. Watch it in your lunch hour or at home, whenever you can.


Perverted father

In NSW a 12-year-old girl’s father organised her wedding to a 26-year-old man in an Islamic ceremony and gave her sexual advice on her wedding day. Both men are in custody, the father charged with procuring his young daughter for sex and the ‘husband,’ with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child (Herald Sun 22/5/14 p8).