In recent weeks, there has been a huge focus on the Safe Schools Coalition Australia and the 'resources' they provide to schools to 'help them combat homophobia and transphobia'.

Under the guise of an 'anti-bullying program', member schools are encouraged to promote acceptance, and even endorsement, of homosexuality and gender diversity.

Started in Victoria in 2010 by the 'Rainbow Network' , an umbrella group of homosexual organisations, the program is run by homosexual activists and their supporters. The program was expanded to operate federally following an $8 funding grant just before Labor left office.

There are Resources on making your school 'safe', 'Kick starting your safe school', getting schools to run formals that include same-sex couples, a booklet 'OMG I'm Queer' and Stand Out groups for LGBTIQ youth and their 'allies' in schools. The SSCA works closely with Minus18, which is a youth support group for LGBTIQ youth - the Minus18 website has controversial material on topics such as 'chest binding' and 'penis tucking'!

Recent attention has focused on the new YEAR & curriculum called 'All Of Us'. This curriculum is NOT about bullying or even homophobia. It teaches 12 year olds about sexual and gender 'diversity' as though it is perfectly normal. Both sexual orientation and gender identity are depicted as being on a 'spectrum'. Teachers are told to recommend Minus18 as the primary resource when they talk to students - "For students, we recommend Minus18". 

The final three lessons (out of 8) focus on 'being an ally' where students are asked to sign a 'pledge' and then on being an activist to promote the acceptance of homosexuality.

Class activities include one where students are asked to imagine they are 16 with a same-sex partner and then answer questions.

Handouts provide information about sexual orientation and gender identity - including that it is fluid and changeable and that gender is "how you feel" - ideas that are really part of 'radical gender theory' that has previously only been seen in universities 'gender studies departments'!

Following concern expressed by pro-family groups, conservative MPs and some sections of the media (mostly The Australian) the PM has ordered a 'review' which will be completed by mid-March 2016.

The Family Council of Victoria believes that the program should be banned - and that genuine anti-bullying programs, which deal with bullying for ANY reason, should be implemented instead.


Several affiliates of the Family Council of Victoria have published information and are taking action regarding the Safe Schools Coalition Australia program...

Salt Shakers have published a Briefing on the SSCA and the Yr 7 curriculum, 'All Of Us' - click here.
They have additional reports on their front page blog and in their News Updates.

Australian Christians are holding a RALLY on 16 March and collecting signatures on a petition to present to James Merlino, the Victorian Education Minister - Vickie Janson also has a 12 minute video about the SSCA - click here for full details.

FamilyVoice has presented an Open Letter, with 14,000 signatures, to the Prime Minister and issued a media release expressing concern about the program and another one calling on the federal Education Minister to de-fund the program.


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