On Monday 9 February, the USA Supreme Court refused to stop homosexual ‘marriages’ being performed in Alabama.

In 2006, residents in Alabama passed an amendment to the state’s constitution, called Amendment 774 or the Sanctity of Marriage Amendment. It banned same-sex ‘marriage’, and was passed with over 80 percent of the vote.

s s men on cake 320x200But two homosexual couples filed a legal suit, claiming the ban was unconstitutional. Last month, a US District Judge ruled that the state’s ban on homosexual ‘marriage’ was unconstitutional – and allowed two weeks for the state to appeal before the homosexual ‘marriages’ began.

The state appealed to the US Supreme Court, asking that they stop the ‘marriages’ commencing, whilst an appeal was held. But the Supreme Court, in a 7-2 decision, refused.

On Monday, homosexual couples started applying for licences and having ‘marriages’ in Alabama.

Alabama’s Chief Judge Roy Moore ordered local judges NOT to issue licences, but judges in some counties ignored his ruling!
The video at this link ALSO SHOWS comments by Mr Obama... saying he thinks the Supreme Court should allow same-sex ‘marriage’…

Tony Perkins, of the Family Research Council, analysed the situation and commended the two judges who supported Alabama’s request for a ‘hold’ on same-sex ‘marriages’ occurring - Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia.

Article: Alabama Starts Issuing Marriage Licenses to Gay Couples After Supreme Court Denies State's Request for a Hold, Christian Post, 9/2/2015.

Article: SCOTUS Rolls against Alabama Tide on Marriage, Tony Perkins, Family Research Council, 10/2/2015.

Charges dropped

Charges have been dropped against anti-abortion activist Graham Preston who protested outside an abortion clinic in Hobart. Tasmanian law prohibits protests within 150 metres of a clinic. The prosecution was ordered to pay Mr Preston $1,000 in legal costs (abc.net.au/news 4/9/14).


States decide

The federal government has invited the states and territories to receive $243 million in federal funding for chaplaincy but run the program themselves. SA and ACT have not accepted the offer. A recent high court ruling made administration of chaplaincy by the federal government difficult (The Australian 27/8/14).


Religion stays

The Abbott government has confirmed Chaplaincy is religious-only following a debate over secular welfare workers’ inclusion. PM Tony Abbott said the scheme's focus should remain supporting pastoral care in schools. The National School Chaplaincy Association said ‘Chaplaincy makes a positive difference in the lives of students and is widely considered the best model of holistic care and welfare, as it provides emotional, social and spiritual support.’ ().
Article: Tony Abbott to keep secular workers out of school chaplaincy program, Sydney Morning Herald 27/8/14.

Party power

Three Christian political parties in Victoria have signed an agreement to create a preference flow based on ‘shared values,’ like opposition to abortion. Australian Christians, Rise Up Australia and Democratic Labor Party will create a voting block at the coming election. The historic union will help Christians make their vote count (Herald Sun 18/8/14) Christian Party leaders are being courted by major parties for their sympathies and support.


Removing offence

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi is set to defy PM Tony Abbott and co-sponsor a bill to change the Racial Discrimination Act, which the government abandoned. Family First’s Bob Day will introduce the bill, which will remove the offence for “offence” or “insult” on the grounds of ethnicity (Sydney Morning Herald 15/8/14).


Waste ice water

Drug testing of waste water in Melbourne’s west shows one dose (30mg) of the drug ice may be used by one person out of 20 each weekend day. Availability and purity have increased as the drug becomes ‘normalised.’ Family violence services see an increase in severity of injuries inflicted by users, particularly on women (Herald Sun 3/9/14 p4). The Swedish model of drug prevention and treatment should to be applied in Australia which could cut drug use by up to 90%.


Legal child porn

The Napthine government has introduced Australia’s first sexting laws into Vic parliament. If passed, the law would allow child porn to be made and distributed legally for the first time.  Young people who make/send/receive explicit sexts wouldn’t be charged with child porn offences or placed on the sex offenders list. Penalties would apply if images are distributed by adults, without consent, or in an exploitative or malicious manner (TheAge.com.au 21/8/14). A very dangerous precedent.


Bibles back in school

Victoria’s education minister has corrected requirements for schools which banned Bible study and prayer groups. Amended rules allow greater flexibility for SRI sessions, ease staff restriction requirements, and reinforce students’ freedom to bring and distribute religious material at school or have and wear religious symbols (Herald Sun 22/8/14).

Unsafe schools

Plans to introduce a program in schools that promotes same-sex relationships, transgenderism and bisexuality concern parents. The Coalition-funded Safe Schools Coalition, already operating in 135 Victorian schools, was rolled out nationally on June 13 by Senator Scott Ryan in Melbourne. The program encourages schools to stop dividing students into boys and girls groups and allow students to use toilets and change rooms of their ‘preferred’ gender.


Ice babies 

15 mums who gave birth at the Royal Women’s Hospital in 2013 had used the drug ice during their pregnancy. A rise from 10 in 2012. Geelong’s Barwon Health have had 6 such babies in the first 6 months of 2014, a rise from 3 in all of 2012. Bendigo Health had delivered two such babies last year. The worst affected babies are floppy, irritable and suffer tremors (Herald Sun 10/6/14 p3). Drug-affected babies can be healed with professional help. Australia needs a new drug policy.


Cheap killing

In the past year 4313 Australian mothers used the drug RU486 to kill their baby at an average cost of $290 (medicareaustralia). The abortion begins in a hospital or abortion clinic where the pill mifepristone is given by an authorised dispenser. 48 hours later, at home, after the unborn child is dead, the mother takes the drug misoprostol causing her to expel the dead child’s body and the rest of the womb’s contents. Risks of haemorrhaging and infection are high (LifeSiteNews).


Google help

Google’s new AdWords policy announced has gone into effect, banning promotion of "sexually explicit content" from its advertising network across the search engine and other sites. Ads peddling adult entertainment will not appear. Google AdWords Keyword Planner shows more than 350 million searches for the words sex, porn, free porn and porno were made in May, and ‘porn’ was one of the most common searches on the engine (Christian Post 6/7/14). Porn destroys families.


Deadly ecstasy

Australians are the world’s highest users of ecstasy, third in methamphetamines, and fourth in cocaine. We rank second in addiction to black market opioids such as codeine and morphine. 10% of the working-age population regularly use cannabis. More than three people per day die from drug overdose (Herald Sun 8/7/14). Our government must throw out their failed harm minimization policy and adopt drug prevention and treatment.


Slaughter of the innocent

New late-term abortion figures show 338 babies over 20 weeks killed in Vic in 2011. 183 were for psychosocial reasons (healthy babies). Of these, 172 were 20-27 weeks, 10 were 28-31 weeks, and one after 37 weeks. 40 babies with congenital abnormalities were born alive following premature labour induction and left to die (real choices).


Action for women

Tony Abbot has launched a $100m Second Action Plan to curb violence against women. The plan will unite states and territories to protect women from violent partners and crack down on forced marriages, female genital mutilation and abuse of migrant spouses (Herald Sun 27/6/14 p12).


Tasmania wisdom

The Tasmanian Government rejected a trial to assess the medical benefits of marijuana. A Tasmanian business hoped to run a clinical trial using medicinal cannabis to treat nausea and lack of appetite in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy but Tas Health Minister Michael Ferguson ‘remains unconvinced’ of benefits (ABC 1/7/14).


Sick spending

Australian Patrick Ronald Goggins has been jailed for 11 years for paying families in the Philippines to have their children perform sex acts to order while he watched on webcam. His victims included four girls from one family, aged 5, 8, 14 and 15. Australians are among the biggest viewers of sickening live cybersex involving children as young as 3 (Herald Sun 8/7/14 p15).


Bipartisan support

Both federal major parties support chaplaincy. The High Court was told about benefits provided to school students and staff by chaplains. Six judges said chaplains are ‘strengthening values, providing pastoral care and enhancing engagement with the broader community.’ These are ‘desirable ends’.  The court found that the federal government was not allowed to provide funds for chaplains. Constitutional lawyers believe that the federal government will now help states fund chaplaincy.

Chaplaincy prospers

$243.8 million will be allocated to the National School Chaplaincy Program by the federal government over the next four years. Australian schools can apply for $20,000 grants from the government to hire a school chaplain or raise extra funds so their chaplains can work more than two days per week (ACL 22/5/14).


Major parties agree to fail kids

If elected, Victorian Labor would support same-sex adoption. Now Premier Denis Napthine has said he is not opposed to gay adoption but is waiting to hear the ‘proper science’ (gaynetwork.com.au 26/5/14). The Premier shouldn’t need to study science to know every child needs a mum and a dad.


Life story

Please watch A Story About Life explain Victoria’s awful abortion laws. It’s well worth the 12 minutes to remind us of the inhumanity and violence towards our most helpless. Watch it in your lunch hour or at home, whenever you can.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71P73TKXEWQ


Perverted father

In NSW a 12-year-old girl’s father organised her wedding to a 26-year-old man in an Islamic ceremony and gave her sexual advice on her wedding day. Both men are in custody, the father charged with procuring his young daughter for sex and the ‘husband,’ with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child (Herald Sun 22/5/14 p8).


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