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Local government elections, held every four years, are on Sat 27th and are compulsory for most adults. Here’s a suggestion. >Find your Council’s election  https://www.vec.vic.gov.au/?gclid=CMH7uMrogbMCFQZcpQoddl4AaA>Insert your address >Go to ‘who has nominated’(6th question centre of page)>Click the blue box >Message each candidate on your mobile ‘Do you attend a local church? If so, which one? >Make your vote accordingly. Raise up truth-speakers.


Maybe 'I do'


Senior Liberal MP Kevin Andrews’ new book, Maybe ‘I do’ – Modern Marriage and the Pursuit of Happiness argues it is the government’s business to promote marriage, which is the “best source of physical and mental health, emotional stability, and prosperity for adults and children. The book is based on thousands of social science studies. (Herald Sun 4/10/12 p9).  http://maybeido.com/


Huge loss


Victorians are gambling away $15 million a day – or $625,000 every hour. More than $4.5 billion was lost last financial year - $1.5 billion at Crown casino alone. Some of Melbourne’s most disadvantaged suburbs are the biggest losers on pokies. More than 250 people phone gamblers help line each week, kids are gambling on smartphones and social media sites and illegal internet betting is also a billion dollar industry (Herald Sun 15/10/12 p9).


Violence action plan


The state government has launched a $7.9 million action plan to combat domestic violence. Key initiatives include working with schools to develop respectful relationships and create a program to teach people what to do when they see domestic violence. Police have to contend with 30,000 intervention orders at any particular time. In the vast majority of cases the orders do help. Police attended 50,382 family incidents last year (Herald Sun 10/10/12 p8).

Jones bill sinks


Labor MP Stephen Jones’ same-sex marriage bill was beaten in the federal House of Representatives 98:42 last Wed 19th. Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Opposition leader Tony Abbott and former party leaders Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull all voted against. Mr Turnbull supports gay marriage but voted against it because Coalition front benchers did not have a free vote (Herald Sun 20/9/12 p2).


Marriage triumphs


A vote in the federal senate on Thurs 20th saw the defeat of the second same-sex bill put forward by Labor backbenchers Trish Crossin, Carol Brown and Gavin Marshall 41:26.


Families first


The Family First political party says that MPs and Senators who vote in favour of same-sex ‘marriage’ will be highly unlikely to receive its preferences at next year’s federal election.  National President Bob Day says any member of politics who voted for this “would make it hard for Family First to preference them” (ACL 13/9/12)


Shaming sex offenders


Laws designed to encourage judges to name and shameserious sex offenders have been introduced into State Parliament. If approved they will reverse laws that allow paedophiles to remain anonymous (Herald Sun 11/9/12 p8).


Rise in game violence and sex


A new R18+ category for computer games will allow more violent games to be sold and hired in Australia from next year. New guidelines released by the federal government allow unlimited aggressive coarse language, and violence and nudity do not need to be justified by context. Violence, nudity and coarse language will be allowed to be ‘high’ impact (FAVA 14/9/12). Video games force the player to identify with the aggressor. Thank you for helping us try to resist this move.


Muslim growth


The world’s Muslim population is forecast to grow at twice the rate of the non-Muslim population by 2030. By then, there will be 2.2 billion Muslims on earth, 26.4% of the world’s population. This is mostly because Muslim women have more babies. There are currently 476,291 Muslims in Australia (H/Sun 17/9/12 p20, 21).

Police Stop Predators


Child predatorshave been arrested and more than 25,000 child exploitation images seized in police raids. A US child victim has been rescued and three others identified. Nineteen Victorian men, 18 to 72, have been charged (Herald Sun 6/9/12 p22).


Brave Advocacy


Child protection advocacy group Bravehearts says the number of sexual assaults on children could be halved with $8 million of extra government funding. A report based on 16 years of national research recommends tougher sentences for repeat child-sex offenders, and education programs for children from age three on how to keep  safe (Herald Sun 5/9/12 p30).


Bravehearts was founded by Hetty Johnson and her husband Ian in 1997. Hetty’s daughter disclosed being sexually assaulted by her paternal grandfather. Disclosure encouraged other family members to speak out revealing that practically every female member of the family had been sexually assaulted over a 40 year period. http://www.bravehearts.org.au/


Changed Life


Donny Pauling is a pastor's son who turned to Christ after working as a porn producer for 9 years. He recruited over 500 girls into the industry. “The money was excellent,” says Donny. “I could work just 2 weeks a month and earn over half a million dollars a year. Who wouldn’t want that?” But Donny started to realise the implications of his actions, and now helps others to break from porn addiction http://www.donnypauling.com/blog/


Porn Help


Ex porn producer Donny Pauling from the US and Dr Allan Meyer (Careforce Lifekeys) will be speaking at 1330 in Fern Tree Gully on Sat 6th Oct at a breakfast and night event. Organiser Jason Huxley has founded a charity called Guilty Pleasure which educates people about porn/porn addiction and connects them to help. (www.guiltypleasure.tv). 


World-wide problem


Over 40% of internet users view porn and around 70% of children are exposed to it at the age of 11. Worldwide porn revenues have now risen to over $100 billion dollars and it is readily accessible on the latest smartphones and tablets. The most surprising statistic of all is that over 50% of Christians have admitted to pornography being a major problem in their home (guiltypleasure.tv).


Greens Slump Further


Senior Labor MPs have predicted the Greens are heading for oblivion after their disastrous showing in NSW council elections. Vic deputy opposition leader James Merlino said the Greens ‘don’t live in the real world’ and have made ‘uncosted and unsustainable policy commitments.’ (Herald Sun 10/9/12 p4).


Genital Mutilation


In a single year, Melbourne’s Royal Women’s hospital saw more than 600 women seek treatment after female genital mutilation, leading to the hospital opening a de-infibulation clinic exclusively for women who’ve undergone FGM. The circumcision can never be fully reversed but victims’ suffering can be reduced (Herald Sun opinion 5/9/12 p39).

New Generation Drugs Curtailed


New generation synthetic drugs such as Meow Meow and GBL will attract penalties under tough new laws placing them on the same footing as cocaine and ecstasy. Police will be given power to charge anyone using, carrying or trafficking these, and other, previously “legal highs.” (Herald Sun 29/8/12 p15)


Marriages Need Help


Suzie O’Brien says that ‘couples who are married tend to last longer and have more stable family structures,’ but need ‘more relationship counselling, early intervention and parenting classes to help them weather tough times.’ There are 880,000 single parent families in Australia today. 35% of children are born outside marriage, and 12% to mums with no partner – a figure that has doubled in 20 years. (Herald Sun 4/9/12 p13).


Higher Family Violence


Crime statistics show a 43.3% increase in reports of family violence, (partly as a result of better police reporting). Reported rapes are up 11% in one year. One in three rape victims and offenders are in relationships. In 2011-12, there were 50,000 incidents where police filed family incident reports. Family-related assaults now account for 38% of all assaults (Herald Sun 4/9/12 p13).


Late Term Murder


Government figures on late term abortions for 2009 have been released. From a total of 410 post 20 week abortions, 210 were performed on physically healthy babies, with 10 of these undertaken after 28 weeks, a time when they could have been safely delivered alive (Real Choices Australia 29/8/12). Around 20,000 babies are killed each year in Victoria through abortion. We are campaigning to wind back abortion laws.


Green Demise


The latest Newspoll shows support for the Greens, which positions itself in direct competition to traditional Christianity, has plunged, with a primary vote (8%) now half that of May 2010 (Herald Sun 4/9/12 p2). Green’s policies, if implemented, would slash energy production, shatter the traditional family unit, expand abortion services and encourage euthanasia.

Conservative Swing in NT


Aboriginal voters turning conservative have given the Country Liberal Party a big win in the Northern Territory elections. A swing of 6% is expected to give the CLP 15 seats, Labor 9, with one independent.  The new Chief Minister is Terry Mills (H/Sun 27/8 p13).


Yet Another Bill Undermining True Marriage


A 4th same-sex marriage bill will be introduced by four Labor senators when federal parliament resumes and the government will extend time for the bills to be debated. The new bill will be identical to Stephen Jones’ bill in the lower house (The Australian 24/8/12) This will make six same-sex bills currently before parliaments around Australia. Marriage is the union of a man and a woman.


Same-sex Debate Continues


Two same-sex bills were debated in federal parliament last week. In the lower house, Labor MP Stephen Jones’ bill was debated for the second time. Two MPs spoke for same-sex marriage and three against. No date has been set for a vote. In the senate, Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young's same-sex marriage bill was debated, and may continue when parliament resumes on September 10.


ACT Folly


The ACT assembly has approved new laws for civil union ceremonies for same-sex couples, re-enacting laws overturned by John Howard in 2006. "These laws will fully restore a ceremony as a legally binding aspect of a same-sex civil union," ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell said. The Gillard government cannot overturn the new law after federal parliament earlier this year passed legislation to water down the commonwealth's ability to veto laws made by territories (The Australian 24/8/12).

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