Punished for the Truth


Professor Kuruvilla, Victoria’s Deputy Chief Psychiatrist (a Christian), a professor at three universities, has resigned from Victoria’s Equal Opportunity Commission in a cloud of protest from MPs. Recently he and 150 other health professionals advised a senate committee that ‘the evidence is clear that children who grow up in a family with a mother and a father do better in all parameters than children without.’ (Herald Sun 17/5/12). ‘Dr George is being punished for telling the truth,’ FamilyVoice’s Ros Phillips said.


Annual Life Coalition Dinner


The annual Life Coalition Dinner will be held on Saturday 23 June at Melrose Receptions in Tullamarine. Why don’t you join us? Usually between 400-600 attend the inspiring function  where pro-life groups celebrate life and hear an informative speaker. This year’s speaker is Mr Alex Schadenberg - Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Council of Canada. His topic is: To care not kill - supporting a culture of life. (see info on lifenetwork.org.au)


Desperate for Children


A record number of Australians desperate to start a family are paying an average of $77,000 to get surrogate babies from India. Numbers have risen from 170 four years ago to 394 last year. Research found it cost $176,000 to secure a similar service from the US (Herald Sun 26/5/12). Altruistic (unpaid) Surrogacy is possible in Australia, but there are difficulties. Australians abort around 100,000 perfect babies per year.

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