After returning from the parliamentary winter break, the federal Coalition met to discuss their position on how to approach the same-sex 'marriage' Bill put forward by Liberal MP Warren Entsch and co-sponsored by a Labor MP as well as a Green and various Independents.

The Coalition Party Room met for nearly six hours and decided that they would stick to their policy of supporting marriage between a man and a woman - and to NOT ALLOW their MPs and Senators to have a 'free vote' on the issue.

Coalition MPs can still have a 'conscience vote' and vote for the Bill - If they are on the back bench there are no consequences, but if they are a Minister, they lose their Ministry position and have to go to the back bench.

Mr Entsch proceeded with introducing his Bill - but no vote is expected, since the 'pro-homosexual-marriage' lobby doesn't have enough numbers to pass it.

To find out more, regular updates are posted on Salt Shakers website.



In the news....

Homosexual 'marriage'

Homosexual ‘marriage’ continues to be a big issue, with Labor’s Tanya Plibersek suggesting that all Labor MPs be FORCED to vote in favour of it – thankfully there has been a huge backlash from Labor MPs, and Labor leader Bill Shorten has now opposed her proposal (although he personally supports homosexual ‘marriage’! (Media report here).

Euthanasia in The Netherlands

With euthanasia legal in The Netherlands, the government has continued to EXPAND the eligibility. The euthanasia law now applies to children.

In a new development, a Dutch court has ruled that a family could euthanase their elderly mother...

Lifesite reports: "An 80 year-old woman in the Netherlands was euthanized last week after her family obtained a court order obliging the care facility for the elderly where she was living to let her leave in order to fulfill her “death wish.” The woman was incapable of expressing her will. She was legally killed one day after having left the Clinic “Ter Reede” in Flushing. The management, medical staff, and the woman’s general practitioner were all opposed to the euthanasia."

However, little is known of the woman's actual wishes. But even if she had expressed a will to be 'authanized', apparently "most doctors in the Netherlands refuse to act on advance directives when patients have lost their ability to express their own will."

In the end, it was a battle between 'End of Life Clinic', which campaigns for euthanasia and 'assists' patients "when their own doctors are unwilling to perform euthanasia for conscientious or other reasons" and the Clinic “Ter Reede”, where she was a resident being cared for (this clinic cares for dementia patients). The Clinic explained they were acting on behalf of the woman because 'they wanted to protect a vulnerable old lady'.

Lifesite concludes, "Critics fear this case feels dangerously like a step towards the recognition of a sort of independent authority who would take life and death decisions for the mentally incapacitated."

Article: Dutch court allows family to euthanize incapacitated 80-year-old woman against doctor’s protest, Lifesite, 30/4/2015.


On May 19, the Family Council is hosting a meeting where Bobby Schindler will be the guest speaker.

Terri croppedimage176111 TerriBobby is the brother of Terri Schiavo, the American woman who died ten years ago last week, after her estranged husband successfully gained a court order to force medical staff to not feed her any longer. 

When she collapsed, Terri was diagnosed with hypoxic encephalopathy - a neurological injury caused by lack of oxygen to the brain (source). This week, Christine Flowers wrote an article about Terri's death - click here.

Bobby established the Life and Hope Network ... which "works to protect the lives of the medically vulnerable and disabled from the threat of euthanasia."

Bishop Peter Elliott will speak about euthanasia and the challenges we face in Australia.

FREE ENTRY - a collection will be taken to cover expenses.

Meet others over supper following the meeting.

Everyone is welcome - invite your friends and colleagues!

Meeting details:

Date: Tuesday 19th May, 2015

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: St Leonard’s Catholic Church, 349 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley.

Read Flier: Family Council meeting - Bobby Schindler


Some good news!

This week it was expected that some Liberals who support homosexual 'marriage' would bring the issue to the Party Room. They want a 'conscience vote' on the issue for Liberal MPs.
Thousands of people contacted Liberal MPs and Senators asking them to MAINTAIN the Liberal party position of support for marriage between a man and a woman - and the Liberal Party Room was 'silent'!

That means the policy position is RETAINED - for now!

Salt Shakers noted this was a time that 'silence is golden'!

Read their report with links to media reports - click here.

A Bill to legalise homosexual 'marriage' will be considered in the federal Senate on Thursday 26 March 2015, when Senator David Leyonhjelm brings forward his the Freedom to Marry Bill 2014 for debate.

Apparently he doesn't want a vote YET, as he doesn't think he has the numbers. But he wants to put pressure on the Liberal Party to grant a conscience vote on the issue... (Media report.)

This was the intent of Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young, last week, when she moved a motion calling for a 'free vote'!

The Liberal Party is expected to consider the question - of policy and conscience votes - at their Party Room Meeting this Tuesday, 24 March... 

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